A CHANNEL is a public moment that takes place around every 6 weeks in d o m i n o k i n g d o m, always on a saturday.
At each CHANNEL there will be an open call for new contributions.

In case you missed the last CHANNEL: we will fill up the time between 2 CHANNELS with events that will be organised deliberately (but always according to the rule that one thing must come out of the previous one) by us and the artists in residence and will be announced online.

With the INFOSOUP we are colonising a format that actually comes from our hosts nadine, who open the doors of their venue every thursday evening to the interested public. We will join them and serve soup and in case our project requires it: we may take it as an opportunity to introduce the artists in residence and/ or their work, to spread general information about d o m i n o k i n g d o m or yet something else.