about us

Born in Israel, lives in Europe.

In the past 10 years I have been mainly operating within the performance field, both as a choreographer and a performer. I followed dance education in Israel and studied at the mime school Amsterdam. I am currently a student at a-pass in Antwerp, an artistic research program in the field of performance. My recent performance works focused on various ways to juxtapose text and voice with movement and engaged with the exploration of a metaphorical mechanism, which I activated through images and dance.

I've been confronted with a contradiction for some years: On the one hand, being critical towards the ethics of artistic practice that are increasingly product-oriented - generating practices which are exclusive rather than inclusive. On the other hand, appreciating a personal examination of ideas or forms, and intrigued by a detailed, skillful and directed proposition from the artist to the public.

d o m i n o k i n g d o m is for me a format where these two approaches complement rather than oppose each other. It is a simulation as well as an experiment and a reflection; it is a testing ground and a way to be.

(Germany/ Belgium)

I finished my studies in architecture at the University of the Arts, Berlin in 2003. Since 2005 i have been living in Brussels. I currently work in Gent for Robbrecht en Daem architecten.

Besides my involvement in the practical process of building I'm interested in investigating the circumstances and definitions of my profession, the making of built environment and social space.

My questions are these: what kind of impact has the perception and usage of space on its production and presentation? How does the everyday handling of the built environment secretly or openly affect its appearance?

There is a lot happening behind the miraculously consistent apparition of a building. To try and trace back its intricate and complex process of its becoming, means to stumble upon a variety of storylines of which the accomplished work tells little or nothing at all.

d o m i n o k i n g d o m to me is as a process functioning similarly, but in reverse: we will put ourselves in a position where we watch and witness and participate in the construction of a system that successively takes shape between constraints and flexibility.